Competitive Athlete, Military / First Responders

Whether it’s a chronic, nagging injury keeping you from performing at your highest level or a more significant injury that’s not responding to traditional care, we help elite athletes, which includes our military and police brothers and sisters, optimize recovery and performance.

Are you tired of not being able to compete up to the level of your ability?

Anything less than your best is not acceptable. Don’t allow chronic injuries or acute joint pain to steal your performance until you no can longer keep up, much less excel in your sport or profession. When drugs, exercise and physical therapy aren’t enough and you're being faced with the prospect of risky surgery, consider other advanced, non-drug, non-surgical approaches that are on the cutting edge of medical science first.

Trigenics Functional Neurology procedures enhance athletic performance by “reconnecting” the brain with the injured area resulting in immediate pain relief and increased range of motion that lasts... and without any time lost from workouts or work. 

Regenerative Medicine procedures like PRP (platelet-rich plasma) can help your body regenerate injured ligaments, muscles and tendons with very little down time. PL (platelet lysate) can help sensitive nerves heal by bathing the nerves in a bath of healing proteins and growth factors taken and concentrated from your own blood then placed in the exact area where needed using ultrasound guidance.

Functional Medicine and Chiropractic can help provide optimal nutrition and structural integrity respectively to keep you going at peak performance, minimize injuries and maximize healing.

Connect with the office today and get those injuries evaluated to determine what care is indicated for you. Finally put those injuries that just won't heal behind you so you can perform your best and keep training.

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