Busy Mom

Don’t let the pain of a tweaked knee stop you from keeping up with the kids. Or that low back, hip, or shoulder pain keep you from doing your own workouts and staying fit and healthy.

  • Are you paying the price of having kids and all the lifting and pulling that comes with it?
  • Dealing with chronic hip or knee pain?
  • Or is that pain from the strained neck and shoulder not resolving and limiting your enjoyment of yoga class or other workouts you need to do for you?

Parenting is the ultimate multi-sport competition, and like other athletes at the top of their game, busy moms can’t perform at the highest level if chronic injuries are causing pain all the time. When rest and stretching or other therapies don't quite do the trick and you need something more, Trigenics and/or Chiropractic identifies and fixes structural-neurological sources of pain while Functional Medicine and Ageless Aesthetics help moms look and feel their best for her family and herself.

We help Super Moms transform into Super Moms who actually have the energy to take care of themselves at the end of the day! 

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