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Don’t needlessly suffer from chronic joint pain anymore. Now there’s an advanced, non-drug, non-surgical way to address arthritis that gives long-lasting results.

Are you tired of the pain of bone-on-bone knee pain and told the only solution is to have knee replacement surgery?

Tired of suffering with low back, hip, or leg pain due to spinal stenosis, disc degeneration or arthritis and told you just have to “live with it?”

Is the pain and limitations of frozen shoulder or rotator cuff pain keeping you up at night and frustrated during the day?

 Trigenics and Chiropractic care can help joints perform better while decreasing pain. Functional Medicine addresses the metabolic issues that cause arthritis and stiff muscles. For those more advanced problems and injuries that just won't heal, Regenerative Medicine involving simple ultrasound-guided injection of your own blood platelets and growth factors may be the ticket to feeling your best.

Are you afraid of falling because you can’t feel your feet? Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms may be due to diabetes, chemo treatment, cholesterol medications or even an autoimmune disorder. A team approach may be most effective in this case and include Functional Medicine, Trigenics/Functional Neurology, with or without gentle Chiropractic care.

We treat chronic neurological and arthritic conditions to help you get back to your normal active life with friends and family so you aren't left out because of chronic pain and arthritis. See if you qualify for care, since Our Promise to you is “if we can’t get results in a trial visit or two, then we will help you find care that is better for you.” Now That’s a Guarantee! You really have nothing to lose...except pain and frustration!

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