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Trigenics® Myoneural Therapy is an advanced breakthrough neurological treatment approach that taps into the body' own natural reflexes and helps to restore the normal communication between the brain and the nerves that control muscles so the painful joint now immediately enjoys less pain and moves freely without abnormal tension and grinding that wears out the joint prematurely. 

Any joint can experience this immediate pain relief and increased range of motion using Trigenics®. Our bodies are already ‘hard-wired’ neurologically to produce these effects with the proper input. And the best part is that once the nerves are reset back to normal, the results are permanent.

In fact, if we don’t get these expected results immediately within one or possibly two complimentary Trial Visits, then we simply don’t take the case so we don’t waste people’s time or money with any more care that doesn’t prove successful. This is our unique Clinical Guarantee to our patients.

Can Trigenics® help me with Frozen Shoulder / Impingement Syndrome?

Frozen shoulder / Impingement syndrome limits the range of motion of the shoulder and can leave those suffering in constant pain. The pain is often worse at night and causes restless and disturbed sleep. This can leave many people feeling exhausted and hopeless, not knowing where to go for help. Home exercises and physical therapy alone often makes the pain worse (we will get into the reason for this a little later).

Dr. Moran specializes in the treatment of painful frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tears / shoulder impingement syndrome. Trigenics® is an effective, drug free, non-surgical solution to shoulder pain and decreased range of motion. Developed in the late 1980’s by Allan Austin Oolo, DC, DO, Trigenics® is a neurologically-based treatment system that reconnects the communication between the brain and previously injured and damaged muscles and joints. By stimulating the body’s natural reflexes using at least three therapies at the same time, the normal neurological pathways already in place within the body’s anatomy “wakes up” the brain and results in immediate relief of pain and increased range of motion. And what’s more, once re-established as the preferred communication pathways, the results obtained are permanent. In fact, putting this principle into practice is how the doctors decide whether or not they can accept a case and help someone. If a person responds in the expected way to a complimentary trial visit or two, then the case can be accepted with confidence.

This revolutionary concept of stimulating the sensory nerve input into the brain and expecting the brain to immediately change the output to the body to make muscles and joints work better with less pain is what separates Trigenics® from traditional physical therapy and exercise (which do not reset these pathways, on purpose anyway). Simply stretching a tight muscle and/or exercising a weak muscle, as we all have been taught to do by the way, is working on the output from the brain expecting to change the output. This isn’t effective or logical when dealing with a computer, and even less so when working with the most complex and sophisticated computer of all called the human brain. To effectively change the output of a computer (or brain), first the input must be changed.

What To Expect

The doctors begin each new patient visit with a complete case history detailing the complaint, the onset of the problem, relevant accidents and trauma and the care and results to date. Then detailed neurological, orthopedic and Trigenics® physical examinations are performed to determine the nature and extent of the neurological dysfunction (dysafferentation) within and between the nerves of the muscles, joints, spinal cord and the brain.

After reviewing the findings with the new patient (and spouse or trusted friend generally), a Trigenics® Trial Procedure (and if necessary, a second trial) is performed to determine if Trigenics® will be beneficial. Once results have been obtained and the doctor is confident he can help, a detailed treatment plan will be offered. When the brain-body communication has been successfully re-established, only then will traditional therapies and exercise have a much better chance of working.

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