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Our holistic, patient-centered approach to treating chronic disease is grounded in the science of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. We believe that true healing is an innate ability living organisms all possess. All healing occurs from within as only the body can create a living cell. 

We focus on empowering our patients to take an active role in their health and wellness. Our team of experts work collaboratively to address the root cause of chronic illnesses, offering personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions that are evidence-based, safe, and effective. 

We are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness, and we strive to provide compassionate care that supports the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

The Functional Medicine Physician uses a holistic, patient-centered approach to identify and treat chronic disease. Following the examination, which often includes blood lab work and a very focused review of a patient's history, the physician begins crafting a customized treatment plan to address the unique needs of that individual.

Starting with an in-depth personal and family history, the doctor will also be interested in learning about all the specific stressors, and how the individual responds to these stressors in their life. Some of these stressors could include exposure to certain environmental and internal toxins and allergens associated with their current diet, work conditions, etc. Evaluation of the microbiome and the balance of the bacteria living in the gut and on the skin necessary for life is also of interest. Looking at the individual's genetic make-up can also give clues into possible weaknesses and what needs to be done to optimize metabolic function.

Common issues that people might choose a holistic model of care include asthma, allergies, digestive health, women's health issues, fibromyalgia, cancer prevention, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, Alzheimer's and dementia. Arthritis in its various forms, including autoimmune, are also common health issues a person might seek out a functional medicine practitioner.

The functional medicine approach to health is a simple yet effective one. The doctor will likely focus on optimal nutrition, various forms of exercise, strategies for dealing with stress, the importance and strategies for re-establishing good sleeping patterns, and the best times to get fresh air and sunshine. The doctor may also prescribe specific nutritional supplementation and/or IV infusion therapy to help provide the resources necessary for the body and mind to heal and function optimally.

While it is well known that traditional western medical care is hugely successful with acute, life-threatening conditions, unfortunately, the same track record cannot be said for treating chronic health conditions. This is where the functional medicine approach shines.

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