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Tremendous Results with Trigenics for Knee Pain – Explained

With Trigenics, a neurological treatment system, pain can be decreased and range of motion increased even after the very first trial visit at Whole Health Traverse City. Getting these results on the first visit is expected and how our doctors are able to determine who they can help and accept as a patient. We call this our unique “Results Guarantee.”

Trigenics for Knee Pain: How Does It Work?

Trigenics resets the connection between the brain and body to achieve what we and our patients consider awesome results.  

If we were to look at the human brain as a very powerful and complex computer, we would see right away that there is “input” into the computer in the form of sensory nerves called “large-diameter afferents.”  The brain receives this input from the body, processes this input and then sends “output” in the form of “efferent nerves” back to the body; muscles & tendons that surround and support the painful knee in this example – of course this applies to any dysfunctional or painful area of the body, for instance, shoulders, neck, low back, hips, etc.

We’ve all heard the phrase “garbage in – garbage out” referring to this “input-output” relationship and how computers work. This is also true for the brain and and its relationship with how the rest of the body functions. 

After an injury to a joint, like a knee, sensory nerves inform the brain of the damage. The brain instructs some muscles to shorten (tighten) to protect the damaged area and other muscles to weaken temporarily to allow this protective splinting to occur. 

As the injury heals, these sensory nerves are supposed to alter their messages to the brain to reflect this healing. But sometimes the nerves continue to send the brain wrong information. So the brain continues to tell some muscles to remain short and some weak thinking the joint is still injured.

Using Trigenics for Knee Pain, We’re Able to ‘Reset’ the Sensory Nerve ‘Input’

Using Trigenics, the sensory nerve “input” can be “reset” back to normal by painlessly overstimulating the sensory nerve pathways, resulting in the brain re-connecting with the previously damaged muscles supporting the joint, restoring normal function of these muscles. When this is accomplished, the joint moves more normally, the stress on a joint is reduced, pain is immediately reduced and motion is increased.

Click Here to see video of the knee pain pre- and post- trial visit results

Where we can get into trouble with treating the body using traditional methods of stretching and resistance training before the neurological reset has taken place, is that muscles and tendons can be over-worked  causing new injury. In essence, the therapist is trying to work on the output side of the computer analogy trying to change the output. 

Our unique approach, however, changes the input to the computer (brain) which instantly changes the output, restoring more normal joint function and decreased pain. This is the beauty of understanding how the brain and body truly work and tapping into this physiology for permanent results.

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P.S. What have you got to lose? After all that you have most likely tried that hasn’t worked to fix chronic knee pain – cortisone injections, exercises, powerful and potentially dangerous medications that only cover symptoms, surgeries, etc. Call now to experience our unique  Results Guarantee for yourself to see if you are a candidate for the Trigenics system of pain relief and increased function.