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New Hope for Chronic Knee Pain

Have you been suffering with pain in your knees that makes walking and climbing stairs a slow, painful chore? Can’t walk more than a few steps before having to sit down? Feel left out because you can’t keep up with friends and family and you’re stuck alone at home?

Trigenics is a Chronic Knee Pain Treatment

Trigenics (try-gen’-ix) may be able to help by re-connecting the brain with the damaged and painful area resulting in better-coordinated function of the muscles that move the joint. Return of normal function of the knee joint relieves stress within the joint and more movement is possible with less pain. 

This is possible because of the tremendous innate abilities of the body to heal and adapt to even the most chronic degeneration when the brain and nervous system is tapped into. Trigenics is clinically proven to reduce pain and increase function of arthritic knees without dangerous drugs or surgery.

Is Trigenics Physical Therapy?

Trigenics is not physical therapy. Trigenics is a much more powerful treatment for arthritic knee pain because it addresses the root cause of tight and weak muscles and improves function neurologically. 

Trigenics re-sets the length and strength of short or weak muscles by resetting the nerves responsible for muscle length and strength. This is like re-setting the thermostat that controls heat in your home. This must be done before stretching and strengthening exercises are performed to avoid unnecessary injury.

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Trigenics gets results by using the body’s natural reflex nerve pathways. When properly stimulated, tiny nerves within muscle fibers and tendons are reset resulting in normal length and strength of the muscles. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results Using Trigenics for Chronic Knee Pain Treatment?

This is a really great question that is generally answered before the end of the first visit. 

The doctor will perform an examination (including neurological, orthopedic and function tests), go over the results with the patient, then offer a complimentary trial visit to determine if this advanced system will work for that individual.

Our Unique Results Guarantee

Afterall, we should know if a doctor can help us and not waste lots of time and money only to fail and end up no better off than when we first came into the office.

That is our unique “Results Guarantee” and promise to our patients that we will see results before accepting a patient for care.