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Posted on Apri 25th, 2022.

I often get inspiration for what to write from a variety of sources, and this article was written after a conversation with a new patient the other day about what to do before physical therapy to improve outcomes. I always call a new patient the next day after their first visit and Trial Treatment. During that phone call, this is what I was able to piece together…

“Betty” informed me that she has been going to physical therapy for chronic low back and hip pain for some time before her first visit to our office. She shared that she was always sore following therapy but assumed this was “normal.” 

I was the doc to see Betty yesterday as a new patient in our office. After a thorough neurological and physical exam, I treated what I found using Trigenics Myoneural Medicine protocols. Immediately her low back and hip were free from pain. We did some unique therapies in the office to continue relieving pain and inflammation and by the end of the visit, she left the office without the pain she had been experiencing previously.

As a quick side note, we also treated Betty’s chronic right knee pain she has had since tearing her meniscus, despite enduring surgery to remove part of this protective cushion. Following Trigenics procedures, Betty was able to do a deep knee bend without pain at the inside part of her knee. But that is a different story for another day.

After her morning appointment in our office, Betty went to her scheduled physical therapy appointment later that afternoon. She was happy to be without her chronic back and hip pain walking into her appointment, but unfortunately, when she walked out of the physical therapy office, she was once again experiencing that familiar pain.

During her therapy appointment, she was asked to do the usual stretches and contortions to “strengthen” her muscles which caused excessive stress to previously injured areas and Betty experienced the return of her pain. What was going on here?

Before anyone reading this starts to think that I am bashing physical therapy, please know that I am not! I have deep respect for the profession and practice of physical therapy when it comes to helping people rehab following an injury. My own background is in physical therapy. What I am saying, however, is if Trigenics would have been performed BEFORE the stretching and exercise at the physical therapist’s office, better outcomes for the patient could be faster and much more predictable. 

What Trigenics does that other therapies do not is Trigenics is a neurological approach that “resets” the nerves that control the length and strength of muscles that move an injured joint. This results in better coordination of the muscles that move the joint and thus smoother, more normal, and stress-free movement. This works regardless of the joint, be it a knee, ankle, hip, spine, shoulder, wrist or hand.

Once the neurological results of Trigenics are achieved, THEN physical therapy, stretching, and strengthening exercises will be effective without fear of inadvertently injuring the patient. A couple of weeks of Trigenics would do wonders to prepare the patient for rehabilitation exercises to come later for better results.

I will see Betty again and I am confident she will experience positive results using Trigenics in her treatment plan once again as she did on her very first visit. I think now that we are a little wiser, I will send her back for physical therapy again only after I am confident we have done our job of truly stabilizing her condition and have achieved the neurological balance essential for Betty to remain pain-free as she builds her strength back.

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